1000 Books Before Kindergarten


Create a Reader One Book at a Time!

Reading to your child is one of the most important ways parents and caregivers can instill a love of reading and learning in a child. The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program challenges parents and caregivers to read 1000 Books to their children before her/his 5th birthday.

How to Begin

  • Download and print a your first 1,000 Books Reading Log (including a description of the program) OR visit the Youth Services Department to pick up a reading log. You will keep track of 100 books at a time.

  • For every 100 books you share together, bring the reading log and your child to the library to receive a stamp and a sticker along with a 1000 Books folder and your next log. (Printable reading logs for each set of 100 books are also available via the links below).

  • When your child has finished 1,000 books, a book will be donated to the Westland Public Library in your child’s name. You’ll also receive a certificate and a special 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten knapsack.


  • Read the same book as many times as you or your child likes, read books in different languages if you like. Have friends or family members read to your child. Bring your child to storytimes at the library (these all count!).

  • Don’t let the end goal discourage you.

    • 1 book per day X 3 years = 1095 books

    • 3 books per day X 1 year = 1095 books

  • Have fun! Let your child pick out the books they want read to them. Use different voices for different characters. Ask simple questions about the story or the picture. Have your child retell the book to you in their own words.

Program Description and Reading Logs

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