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Ms. Rapscott's Girls
Elise Primavera
Ages 8-12

Bea, Mildred, Fay, Annabelle and Dahlia are all daughters of extremely busy parents – in fact, they are some of the busiest parents in the entire world! Each girl has been shipped (as in mailed – because their parents are far too busy to bring them) to Great Rapscott School for Girls of Busy Parents which is run by the eccentric Ms. Rapscott. This zany headmistress takes the girls on a variety of harrowing adventures in hopes of teaching them life lessons about courage, adventure, friendship and the value of getting lost on purpose. A great read for lovers of Mary Poppins and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. For an extra special treat, check out the audio book and listen to the story as only Katherine Kellgren can perform it! It will have you laughing out loud and hoping for a sequel.

Sep 9, 2015
The Fog Diver
Joel Ross
Ages 8-12

Over a hundred years ago, nanites built to clean the Earth decided that humans were a threat and created a deadly fog that covered most of the planet. Humanity retreated to the very tops of mountains, with the rich at the luscious top and the slums at the bottom, right above the deadly fog.

Chess and his adopted family of slum kids survive by diving into the fog and collecting treasures from the “old world” to sell to the rich. Their lives take a turn for the worst when Mrs. E, the lady who took them in, falls ill with fog sickness. Now his crew is on a deadline; they must find a large haul to make enough money to smuggle Mrs. E to another mountain where it is rumored that there is a cure. Will they be able to succeed before the government finds them and takes Chess away to use his special abilities? 

The Fog Diver was an exciting sci/fi steampunk adventure with just enough humor. The world was interesting and although there wasn’t a ton of character development, the kids especially were enjoyable to read about. Keep an eye out for sequels. J FIC Ros

Aug 8, 2015
The Whale in My Swimming Pool
Joyce Wan
Ages 2-5

Can you imagine finding a WHALE in your swimming pool?!  How do you think you'd get him out?

A fun summer read for the preschool crowd.

Jul 7, 2015
Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters
Shannon Hale
Ages 10-14

I was extremely excited when I discovered a third Princess Academy book had been published! Shannon Hale is one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend her books to those who like strong and smart heroines. Okay, enough praise. 

In an attempt to avoid spoilers, as you do need to read the books in order to know what’s going on, I will keep the description brief. In book one, Miri was unwillingly forced into a princess academy where girls of a certain age are groomed to become ladies in order to be offered as choices for the prince to marry. While there however, Miri’s eyes are opened to a world of education she had not received before giving her one of her greatest weapons…knowledge.

The Forgotten Sisters picks up a few years later when Miri is ordered by the king and queen to start her own princess academy grooming three back water girls to be princesses in order to stop a war. In return, the crown will sign over Miri’s homeland to her people. With an opposing army at their borders, Miri struggles with homesickness and teaching three girls who act like anything but princesses. Can one girl stop a war? An enchanting read. J Fic Hal 

Jul 7, 2015
Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary
Gail Jarrow
Ages 10 and up

Mary Mallon is a very respectable cook and so she does not understand why the police are chasing her. Worse, they are accusing her of something horrible…causing the spread of typhoid fever and even several deaths. How could she possibly be making people sick when she herself was clearly healthy? 

In a time before good sanitation practices, those in the United States thought nothing of dumping human excrements in rivers or of washing their hands after going to the bathroom. As thousands of people fell ill from typhoid fever, fear and panic drove society to seek a way to control the deadly disease.  Full of vivid details about how typhoid fever spreads (poop in food and water) and the gruesome fatalities caused by the disease in the 1900s this book is not for the weak stomached or at least just don’t read it while you’re eating. J 614.511 Jar

Jul 7, 2015
Cars, Trucks and Trains
Jane Murphy
8 and under (perfect for preschoolers-first grade)

If your kids love vehicles then this cd is a must to listen to! 

Full of upbeat songs this would be perfect for car trips. 


Jun 6, 2015
Roller Girl
Victoria Jamieson
Ages 10-14

What would you do if your best friend ditched you? Astrid and her best friend, Nicole, get dragged to a roller derby match by Astrid’s mom as a “cultural experience” and the moment she sees the tough girls skating around the track Astrid is hooked.

Better yet, there is a summer camp starting for young girls and Astrid just makes the age cut. She is sure that Nicole will want to sign up too since they’ve always done everything together. But when her best friend decides to go to ballet class Astrid is left to face camp alone. Of course she can’t tell her mom that Nicole isn’t going to camp with her because that would mean questions and facing the truth that Nicole might not be her best friend anymore. 

Even worse, Astrid doesn’t even know how to skate and her first day at camp is an embarrassing disaster. As the summer progresses Astrid makes new friends at camp but will she succeed in her dream to be as good as the famous roller derby player Rainbow Bite? And will she ever make up with Nicole? Read the book to find out! If you liked Smile by Raina Telgemeier you will love Roller Girl. J GN Roller Girl

Jun 6, 2015
You Wouldn't Want to Be a Chicago Gangster!: Some Dangerous Characters You’d Better Avoid
Rupert Matthews
8 yrs and up

After being down and out of luck with money in the 1920s, you decide to become an undercover cop and infiltrate the local gangs of Chicago. Work your way up from a lowly messenger till you get to meet “The Big Boss.” But don’t let the gangsters figure out you are working for the cops or you will be in big trouble! Can you bring down the gangs’ operations before you’re outed?

Reading You Wouldn’t Want to be a Chicago Gangster is a fun way to discover just how the gangsters ran things in the 1920s and what it would feel like if you were working for them. Some of the more scandalous gangster operations are left out of the book. However, to get a true picture of the gangs’ behaviors the author does not shy away from mentioning that these were nasty characters who would vandalize, steal, and cheat and that each day could be your last. Read the other books in the “You Wouldn’t Want to…” series for more excitement with history! J 364.106 Mat 

May 5, 2015
Loot: How to Steal a Fortune
Jude Watson
Ages 9-12

When jewel thief Alfie McQuinn dies, he leaves his son, March, a set of cryptic clues.  Believing the clues would lead to a large amount of money, March is shocked to discover that the first clue actually leads to Jules, a twin sister he never knew he had.  With the help of two new friends, March and Jules embark on a quest to retrieve seven cursed moonstones. If they succeed, the foursome will be seven million dollars richer.  If they fail, the cursed moonstones may cost March and Jules their lives.

May 5, 2015
Henry Holton Takes the Ice
Sandra Bradley
Ages 6-8

The Holton family is hockey CRAZY!  Henry's parents both play hockey, his sister and all of his 23 cousins play, and his Grandma played before she hurt her hip.  Even his dog, Gretzky, is dressed in full hockey gear to play goalie for the family on the weekends!  So how will the family react when Henry decides he'd like to try ice dancing instead?  A nice book about acceptance and the importance of finding one's own interests.

Apr 4, 2015

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